Fernando de France

Graduated at SUNY New York Cum Laude, I started working at a local TV Station (WTZA TV) in Kingston NY. I then earn my first couple of local advertising awards, and find a way to direct my first music clip and my first short film, The Corridor (36 min.), before going back to Spain.

In Madrid I start in the business as an assistand director, and the following year I start directing TV commercials, music videos and short films. I also write, produce and direct my first long length feature film, Necesidades, independent film that is presented at the Sitges International Film Festival.

Since then I have worked for various Production Companies such as Quasar Films, Rodar&Rodar, Eddie Saeta, Tesauro, Idea Film, directing numerous campaings for various clients. At the same time, I have worked for other Production Companies and Agencies in foreign countries, like Italy, Portugal, Lebanon, Turkey, México, France, Greece, etc.

Keeping always film in the horizon, I write and direct all sorts of audiovisual pieces, like music clips, short films, another feature film, half way between fiction and documentary (Ar Meno Un Quejío), and some free style films.

My other passion is Photography. Since my uncle Michel Bernoville offered me my first camera, a Nikon FE, I haven’t stopped taking photos of all the things that call my attention as I my life unfolds day after day in our marvelous world. I work mostly in black and white and process my work at home, although until today most of my work has been kept concealed from the eyes of the world.

About me

I was born, brought up, and will die with the poison of cinema running through my veins.
I am a dog’s best friend, though I love all animals and any other form of life in our wonderful planet.
I like spending time with my friends and family, listening to jazz, eating seafood and looking through the window on a rainy day.
My goal has always been the making of feature films and documentaries, although I go crazy about any other audio visual expression, like short films, music videos, art videos, etc.
I enjoy storytelling as well as to create sensations and build emotions, but I am also a passionate photographer who shoots anything that can  be susceptible of being or becoming beautiful.
Things you can find in my backpack: a Leica MP camera, four Black&White rolls of film, a notepad, a pen, a pair of sunglasses, an Eduardo Galeano’s book with short stories, and a picture of my best friend.